Contour Crates, featuring exclusive LapLock Technology, provide a personal, den-like space for dogs and serve as a perfect tool for housebreaking, puppy training, and travel.

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  • Exclusive laplock technology provides reinforcement to perimeter of the door
  • Reinforced doors with multiple lock points and safe & secure slide bolt latch
  • Doors feature a low threshold and large openings allowing your pet to easily enter and exit the crate

A pet crate is a staple product for a majority of dog owners, particularly new pet parents of a puppy or dog, as it provides a safe environment, aids in puppy training and housebreaking, and provides safety for travel. Crates are not a tool for punishment or negative reinforcement. Instead they are tools that can help in a positive way! Forgoing the use of a crate or choosing ineffective ways to train leads to stressed-out pet parents and stressed-out pets. Besides causing pet anxiety, stress can diminish the amazing bond that can and should occur between dogs and their people. It can also lead to pet-caused property damage – chewed shoes, torn-up furniture, and soiled carpets, for example. Worse, dogs can unwittingly do harm to themselves by getting into household products or eating materials that make them sick or cause digestive blockages.

Knowing how to properly crate train and being aware of the many tools and resources that are available to help with training can lead to happier pets and happier pet households.

Crate training can mitigate behavioral problems like excessive chewing and barking, and it can significantly aid the housebreaking process by teaching dogs a schedule and helping them avoid accidents. With a crate, pet parents are taking advantage of a dog’s' natural instinct to keep his home clean so that, when he has to "go," he’ll try to hold it until he’s taken outside to the proper area.

What’s most important, a crate helps pet parents provide their dog with more than a place to sleep; it lets them create an environment that gives their dog a sense of having his very own space – a space that fully accommodates his natural den instinct. As ancestors to dogs in the wild, even our domesticated pets have a natural instinct to seek out den-like environments.

Wire crates provide essential visibility and ventilation, giving pets a place in which they can feel secure without feeling isolated. Plus, wire crates are easy to clean and often foldable for transport and storage. That makes them really convenient for pet parents.

Although you’ll find some variety in the marketplace, the most popular and sought-after wire crate, by far, is the traditional black wire crate with a clean, high-quality finish. Barkley's offers an array of black wire crates with features that meet specific pet parent needs. Our assortment includes mid-strength to heavy-duty wire crates, in sizes from an extra-small 18 inches to a giant 48 inches, as well as a variety of door styles. Contour Crates, a new crate series from MidWest Homes for Pets, feature exclusive LapLock Technology, which provides multiple lock points on the perimeter of the door and gives you the safety and security of a slide-bolt latch. The doors themselves feature a low threshold and a large opening, allowing pets to enter and exit the crate easily.  Other key features and advantages sought by pet parents – and found in our crates – are easy-to-clean plastic pans, a fold-and-carry design, ease of use, and overall safety and security.
Wire crates from Midwest also feature divider panels that allow the pet parent to select one crate that will “fit” their pup from puppyhood to adulthood – no need to purchase larger and larger crates as they grow!
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